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Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

From Retro to Modern

Vintage Solid Gold Link Bracelet, 14k


Vintage Triple Strand Silver Pearl Bracelet, 14k


Pink Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Bracelet, 18k


Sapphire & Diamond Gold Bangle, 14k


Vintage Three Ships Bangle, 18k


Triple Tone Gold Bangle, 14k


Retro Amethyst Panel Bracelet, 14k


Sapphire Curblink Bracelet, 18k


Art Deco Emerald & Diamond Bangle Bracelet, Platinum


Vintage Cluster Bracelet with Amethyst, Turquoise and Pearls, 14k


Diamond Nail Bracelet, 18k


Vintage Ruby and Diamond Line Bracelet


Diamonds and Stars Convertible Necklace to Bracelets, 18k


Italian Lapis Gold Chain Bracelet, 18k


Purple Pink Tutti-Frutti Bracelet, 14k


Flower Bouquet Bracelet, 14k


Vintage Ruby Flower Cluster Bracelet, 18k

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