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Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

From Retro to Modern

Vintage Faceted Amethyst Necklace


Art Deco Carved Jade Necklace, 14k


Vintage Chinese Jade Disc Pendant, 14k


Vintage Diamond Horseshoe Pendant, 14k


Vintage Diamond Halo Pendant, 14k


Leafy Rose de France Amethyst Rose Gold Necklace, 18k


Antique Citrine Pendant, Platinum


Art Deco Diamond & Baroque South Sea Pearl Pendant, Platinum


Vintage Diamond & Coral Drop Pendant, 14k


CItrine Bead Necklace & Multi-Gemstone Charm by Ming's, 18k


Vintage Rock Crystal & Diamond Filigree Necklace, 14k


Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Necklace, 18k


Long Amethyst Bead Necklace, 14k


Vintage Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl & Diamond Pendant, 18k


Vintage Gold Balls Graduated Necklace, 14k


Diamond Lock & Key Charm Pendant, 14k


Watermelon Tourmaline Faceted Bead Necklace, 14k


Pearl Station Necklace, 14k


Long Aquamarine Gold Chain, 14k


Gold Mesh Chain Necklace, 14k


Vintage Coral and Diamond Long Gold Chain Necklace, 18k

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