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Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Enamel Hummingbird Pin, 14k


Vintage Donkey Pin with Sapphires, 18k


Vintage Enamel Owl Pin, 14k


Tiffany & Co Carved Gemstone Flower Bouquet Pin, 18k


Vintage Rose Cut Diamond Flower Cluster Brooch, 18k


Retro Diamond Ribbon Spray Pin with Citrines, 14k


Retro Sapphire Feather Pin, 14k


Victorian Citrine & Rose Cut Diamond Cross Pendant/Pin, 15k

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Vintage Tutti-Frutti Gemstone Cluster Earclips, 14k


Vintage Golden Swallow Pendant/Pin, 14k


Vintage Maltese Cross Pin with Onyx, Diamonds & Pearl, 18k


Retro Blue Zircon Cluster Charm Pendant, 14k

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