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Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

Tanzanite and Diamond Cocktail Ring, Platinum


Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Ring, 14k


Vintage Double Lucky Horseshoe Diamond Ring, 14K


French Retro Ruby and Diamond Fireworks Cocktail Ring, 18k


Vintage Cabochon Sapphire Snake Ring, 18k


Retro Ruby & Diamond Spray Ring, 14k

Out of stock

Vintage Black Opal Ring, 18k


Green Glass Intaglio Ring, 10k


Vintage Green Jade Dragon Ring, 14k


Vintage Ruby, Diamond and Red Enamel Fleur De Lis Ring, 18k


Vintage Golden Lion Ring, 18k


Onyx Intaglio Crest Ring, 14k


Grey Star Sapphire Men's Ring, 14k


Blue Cabochon Sapphire and Diamond Ring, 18k


Golden Citrine Ring, 14k


Hematite Intaglio Ring, 10k


Victorian Onyx Signet Ring 'MA' Initials, 14k

Out of stock

Oval Black Onyx and Diamond Ring, 14k


Elk Tooth Vintage Ring, 14k


Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co. Green Enamel 'X' Band, 18k


Two-Tone Stacked Diamond Band, 14k


Vintage Horseshoe Spinning Diamond Ring, 14k


Vintage Star Sapphire Ring with Diamonds, 14k


Vintage Lapis Lazuli Ring, 18k

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