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Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

From Retro to Modern

Vintage Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl & Diamond Engagement Ring, 18k & Platinum


Vintage Old Mine Oval Diamond Engagement Ring, Platinum


Vintage Black Onyx & Diamond Pave Ring, 14k


Vintage Lucky Charm Band with Ruby & Diamond, 14k


Vintage Gold Buckle Band, 18k


Vintage Amethyst, Pearl & Black Enamel Flower Ring, 10k


Vintage Star Sapphire & Ruby Surround Ring, 14k


Vintage Carved Moonstone Filigree Ring, 18k


Vintage Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Scalloped Dome Ring, 18k


Vintage Concave Gold & Diamond Ring, 18k


Retro Ruby & Diamond Tank Ring, 14k


Retro Red Enamel Buckle Ring, 14k


Vintage Citrine Tank Ring, 14k


Vintage Tourmaline Dome Ring with Diamonds, 18k


Vintage Moonstone Scalloped Dome Ring, 14k


Retro Sapphire Buckle Ring by Mauboussin, 14k


Vintage Black Onyx & Diamond Pave Ring, 14k


Vintage Cartier France Pave Diamond Bypass Ring, 18k


Vintage Diamond Band, 18k


Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Navette Ring, 10k


Vintage Diamond Six Stone Band, Platinum


Vintage Old European Cut Diamond & Opal Ring, 14k


Vintage Rose Cut Diamond Dome Ring, 18k


Retro Ruby & Diamond Two-Tone Buckle Ring, 14k

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