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Carnelian & Bloodstone Poison Ring With Secret Locket, 14k


Talk about a triple threat. One side of this multi-faceted ring is a fabulous rectangular carnelian with its flipside a darker, more brooding bloodstone. But the real secret joy is a hidden locket typical of so-called “poison rings.” From the Romans to the Middle Ages, tales abound of politicians and aristocrats who kept deadly contents in secret compartments for devious purposes. But many people used them to hold more mellow contents, such as saintly relics, locks of hair, or a sweet note from a beloved friend. Set in 14K gold with an ornate shank, this ring has many sides and mysteries. 


  • Style Number: RG-2012
  • Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
  • Gram Weight: 4.7
  • Stones: Bloodstone and Carnelian Agate
  • Circa: Victorian
  • Condition: Perfect
  • Dimensions: Size 8.5