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Vintage Black Opal Ring, 18k


This custom made vintage black opal ring is chunky and truly one of a kind. Discovered in the late 1800’s, black opal is the most rare of all opals. They have a dark background that can appear black, dark blue, or even dark gray. Most black opals come from Australia and the vast majority is from one town in particular: Lightning Ridge in New South Wales. That eye-popping black opal, set in an angular, blocky mounting, has a stunning set of colorful patterns. The expanses of 18K yellow play off the greens, blues, and pinks of that flashing stone making for quite the statement piece.



  • Style Number: RG-2008
  • Metal: 18k Yellow Gold
  • Gram Weight: 23
  • Stones: Black Opal Custom Made
  • Circa: Vintage
  • Condition: Perfect
  • Dimensions: Size 12