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Vintage Flower Cluster Gemstone Bracelet, 14k


You are going to love owning this versatile bracelet! There are 11 lovely floral clusters of semi-precious stones that will compliment any of your outfits.

Each finely detailed floral cluster is composed of 6 sparkling stones that wrap eternally around the wrist. Enjoy wearing garnets, amethysts, blue topaz, citrine, peridot, and white topaz! 


  • Style Number: BR-2000
  • Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
  • Gram Weight: 14.4
  • Stones: 23ctw, 66 pear-shaped stones: 12 Garnets, 12 Amethysts, 12 Blue Topaz, 12 Citrines, 12 White Topaz, 6 Peridots. 
  • Circa: Vintage
  • Condition: Perfect 
  • Dimensions: Up to a 7" wrist