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10 carat Grey Star Sapphire Ring, 14k


Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Ring, 14k


Art Deco Carved Jade Ring with Pearls and Enamel, 14k


Art Deco Diamond and Aquamarine Cocktail Ring, Platinum


Art Deco Diamond and Emerald To-et-Moi Ring, Platinum


Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring, Platinum


Art Deco Diamond Stair Step Engagement Ring, Platinum


Art Deco Green Onyx Intaglio Ring, 10k


Art Deco Inspired Platinum and Diamond Earrings, Platinum


Art Deco Sapphire Engagement Ring, 14k


Black Onyx and Diamond Men's Ring, 14k

Out of stock

Black Onyx and Diamond Ring


Blue Cabochon Sapphire and Diamond Ring, 18k

Out of stock

Bold Interlocking Gold Ring, 14k


Bvlgari Doppio Interlocking Snake Rings with Citrine & Rutilated Quartz, 18k


Carnelian & Bloodstone Poison Ring With Secret Locket, 14k

Out of stock

Citrine & Tzavorite Garnet Signed Prince Dimitri, 18k


Diamond Feather Pin, 18k


Diamond Nail Bracelet, 18k


Diamonds and Stars Convertible Necklace to Bracelets, 18k


Double Cable Chain Bracelet with Rope Twist , 14k


Dramatic Gold Collar Necklace, 18k


Edwardian Diamond and Pearl Three Stone Ring, Platinum


Elk Tooth Vintage Ring, 14k

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