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Carved Carnelian Buddha Charm, 18k


Vintage Gem Set Sword Charm, 14k


Antique Sapphire & Diamond Festoon Pendant, 14k


Antique Diamond Starbust Charm/Pin, 14k


French Victorian Floral Locket with Black Onyx, Diamonds & Pearls, 18k


Antique Cameo Fob Locket, 14k


Antique Turquoise Baby Locket, 14k


Victorian Cobblestone Turquoise Heart Locket, 14k


Antique Two-Tone Locket with Monogram, 10k


Antique Lady Locket with Diamonds, 14k


Antique Hand Painted Enamel Two-Tone Locket, 14k


Large Antique Amethyst Pendant, 18k


Vintage Multi-Gemstone Clover Charm, 14k


Victorian Warthog Cameo Locket Hunter's Fob, 18k


Lapis & Malachite Charm Pendant, 18k


Victorian Diamond Starburst Locket, 10k


Victorian Citrine, Pearl & Diamond Cluster Pendant, 15k


Antique Witches Heart Pendant with Pearls, 18k


Vintage Tiger's Eye & Diamond Male Charm, 18k


Vintage Scottish Terrier Pin with Sapphire, 14k


Victorian Star Pin with Banded Agate, Pearls & Black Enamel, 14k


Antique Padlock Locket with Turquoise & Enamel, 14k


Victorian Gold Quartz Horseshoe Locket Charm, 14k


Victorian Locket with Sapphire, 14k


Victorian Carnelian Watch Fob, 14k


Victorian Amethyst & Two Tone Gold Leafy Pendant, 10k


Antique Austro-Hungarian Natural Pearl & Blue Czech Glass Chandelier Pendant/Pin, Silver


Antique Niello Pencil Pendant


Vintage Carved Jade & Diamond Pendant, 14k


Art Nouveau Pearl & Diamond Charm Pendant, 14k


Vintage Amethyst & Tanzanite Pave Pendant, 14k


Antique Cherub Basalt Bisque Pendant, 14k


VIntage Carved Jade Pendant, 14k


Vintage Opal Leaf Pendant, 14k