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Victorian Carnelian Intaglio Watch Fob Charm, 15k


Vintage Gold Sailboat Charm, 14k


Antique Austro-Hungarian Natural Pearl & Blue Czech Glass Chandelier Pendant/Pin, Silver


Art Nouveau Pink Enamel Pencil Pendant, 14k


Victorian Amethyst & Two Tone Gold Leafy Pendant, 10k


Antique Niello Pencil Pendant


Vintage Cigar Poker Charm, 14k


Vintage Carved Jade & Diamond Pendant, 14k


Art Nouveau Pearl & Diamond Charm Pendant, 14k


Vintage Amethyst & Tanzanite Pave Pendant, 14k


Vintage Diamond Masquerade Charm, 14k


Antique Cherub Basalt Bisque Pendant, 14k


VIntage Carved Jade Pendant, 14k


Vintage Opal Leaf Pendant, 14k


Victorian Turquoise Pearl Rose Gold Locket Pendant, 14k


Victorian Locket with Black & Gold Enamel and Pearls, 18k


Victorian Black Onyx Foliate Pearl Locket Pendant


Victorian Engraved Gold Locket, 14k


Vintage Gold Quartz Dolphin Pendant, 14k


Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Swoop Pendant, 10k


Star of David White Gold Charm, 18k


Gold Temple Charm, 14k


Ruby & Sapphire Heart Charm with Pearls, 14k


Vintage Boat Charm, 14k


Vintage Gold Bagpipe Charm, 10k


Vintage Champagne Bucket Charm, 14k


Antique Coin New Year's Day Charm, 14k


Vintage Clover Charm with Emeralds, 14k


Sagittarius Zodiac Gold Charm with Diamond Surround, 14k


Cancer Zodiac Charm, 18k


Vintage Golf Bag Charm with Pearls, Ruby & Sapphire, 14k


Vintage 1960s Convertible Car Charm, 14k


Gold Cigarette Holder, 14k


Vintage Maltese Cross Pin with Onyx, Diamonds & Pearl, 18k


Vintage Golden Swallow Pendant/Pin, 14k


Victorian Cameo Pendant, 14k


Victorian Enamel Compact Box with Mirror, 14k


Georgian Cross Pendant with Precious Topaz


Vintage Plique A Jour Gold Pendant, 18k


Victorian Carved Angel Skin Coral Cherub, 14k