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Men's Collection

Men's Collection

Victorian Gold Foliate Link Bracelet, 14k


Victorian Solid Gold Chain Necklace with Toggle Clasp, 14k


Victorian Watch Chain with Swivel Clasp, 14k


Vintage Citrine Sculpted Gold Band, 18k


Black Onyx Victorian Cameo Ring, 14k


Hematite Intaglio Men's Ring, 10k


Carnelian Intaglio Triple-Tone Men's Ring, 14k


Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Shield Ring, 14k


Black Onyx Double Cameo Ring, 10k


Golden Citrine Half Bezel Ring, 18k


Vintage Moonstone Gypsy Ring, 14k


French Victorion Carnelian Intaglio Men's Ring, 18k


Bloodstone Double Cameo Rose Gold Ring, 10k


Fire Opal Textured Gold Ring, 14k


Sea Green Aquamarine Gypsy Ring, 14k


Cushion Jade Gypsy Ring, 14k


Victorian Black Onyx Intaglio Ring, 10k


Antique Shield Bloodstone Masonic Mens Ring, 10k


Cognac Diamond & Pave Assymetrical Band, Platinum


Vintage Italian Horn Charm, 14k


Antique Torpedo Cigar Cutter with Ruby, Diamond & Sapphire


Vintage Alexandrite Gold Burst Ring, 10k


Antique Longines Diamond Star Pocketwatch, 18k


Vintage Green Snake Enamel Band, 18k

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