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Vintage Emerald and Diamond Surround Ring, 10k


Elk Tooth Vintage Ring, 14k


Vintage Star Sapphire Ring with Diamonds, 14k


Vintage Gold Buckle Ring with White Agate, 14k


Vintage Gold Ring with Ancient Roman Republic Pegasus Coin, 14k


Three Stone Diamond Wedding Band, 14k


Vintage Signet Ring with Shield, 14k


Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co. Gold 'X' Band, 18k


Vintage Diamond Anchor Ring with Sapphire, 18k Two-Tone


Vintage Lavender Jade Saddle Ring, 14k


Victorian Agate Cameo Ring, 10k


Vintage Lapis Lazuli Ring, 18k


Art Deco Green Onyx Intaglio Ring, 10k


Green Emerald Two-Tone Gold Band, 18k


Victorian Hematite Intaglio Ring with Diamonds, 10k


Vintage Golden Lion Ring, 18k


Vintage Green Jade Dragon Ring, 14k


Victorian Onyx Signet Ring 'MA' Initials, 14k


Hematite Intaglio Ring, 10k


Vintage Black Opal Ring, 18k


Onyx Intaglio Crest Ring, 14k


10 carat Grey Star Sapphire Ring, 14k


Oval Black Onyx and Diamond Ring, 14k


Golden Citrine Ring, 14k

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