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Vintage Ruby & Diamond Heaxagonal Straightline Bracelet, 18k


Victorian Entwined Hearts Bangle with Pearls, 14k


Victorian Floral Pearl Cluster Bangle, 14k


Lapis Lazuli and Gold Bangle, 14k


Victorian Bangle with Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond & Pearls, 12k


Vintage Three Ships Bangle, 18k


Triple Tone Gold Bangle, 14k


Retro Amethyst Panel Bracelet, 14k


Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 14k


Sapphire Curblink Bracelet, 18k


Art Deco Sapphire Bangle Bracelet, 14k


Art Deco Inspired Emerald & Diamond Bangle Bracelet, Platinum


Victorian Etruscan Revival Sister Bangle Bracelets, 18k


Victorian Horseshoe Rose Cut Diamond Bangle Bracelet, 14k


Retro Lusina Sapphire & Diamond Cocktail Watch, 14k


Vintage Baume & Mercier Diamond Cocktail Watch, 14k


Victorian Mesh Slide Bracelet with Enamel and Pearls


Victorian Enamel Slide Bracelet with Tassel, 14k


Victorian Repousse Bracelet with Turquoise and Garnets, 18k


Vintage Cluster Bracelet with Amethyst, Turquoise and Pearls, 14k

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Double Cable Chain Bracelet with Rope Twist , 14k


Victorian Diamond and Pearl Bangle Bracelet, 14k


Diamond Nail Bracelet, 18k


Vintage Enamel and Diamond Bracelet, 18k

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