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Retro Jewelry

Retro Jewelry

Retro Rose Zircon Flower Earrings, 14k


Retro Tutti Frutti Carved Ruby & Sapphire Flower Earrings with Diamonds, Platinum & 18k


Retro Ruby & Diamond Spray Ring, 14k


Retro Sapphire & Diamond Geometric Ring, 18k


Retro Aquamarine & Diamond Cocktail Ring, Platinum


Retro Diamond Ring, 14k


Retro Citrine, Ruby & Diamond Spray Pin, 14k


Vintage Amethyst, Pearl & Black Enamel Flower Ring, 10k


Retro Ruby & Diamond Tank Ring, 14k


Retro Moonstone Diamond Cocktail Ring, 14k


Vintage Sapphire Bead Flower Pin, 14k


Retro Rose Gold Sapphire & Diamond Earclips, 14k


Star Sapphire & Diamond Cocktail Ring, 18k


Retro Diamond Infiniti Engagement Ring, 14k


Retro Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring, 14k


Retro Star Sapphire Two-Stone Bypass Ring, 14k


Retro Opal & Diamond Bypass Ring, 18k


Retro Diamond Ribbon Spray Pin with Citrines, 14k


Retro Ribbon Diamond Earrings, 18k & Platinum


Retro Rose Gold Smoky Quartz Charm, 14k

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