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Victorian Jewelry

Victorian Jewelry

Victorian Curblink Watchchain with Toggle, 14k


Victorian Old Mine Cut Diamond & Pearl Bangle, 18k


Victorian Warthog Cameo Locket Hunter's Fob, 18k


Victorian Watch Chain with Swivel, 18k


Victorian Watchchain with Locket, 15k


Victorian Cupid Cameo Pin, 14k


Victorian Torpedo Earrings, 12k


Victorian Diamond Starburst Locket, 10k


Antique Clover Pin with Sapphire & Diamond, 14k


Victorian Citrine, Pearl & Diamond Cluster Pendant, 15k


Antique Lapis Lazuli & Pearl Pendant, 14k


Antique Witches Heart Pendant with Pearls, 18k


French Filigree Watchchain, 14k


Antique Micromosaic Peace Dove Pin, 18k


Antique Cameo Man Ring, 14k


Victorian Pink Tourmaline & Pearl Navette Ring, 10k


Old Mine Cushion Cluster Engagement Ring, 14k


Victorian Old Mine Cut Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring, 14k


Antique Carnelian Intaglio Ring, 18k


Antique Rose Cut Diamond Navette Ring, 14k


Victorian Diamond Navette Ring, 18k


Vintage Cameo Lady Ring, 14k


Victorian Slide Charm Bracelet with Opals and Pearls, 14k


Victorian Diamond Starburst Pin/Pendant with Pearls, 14k


Antique Gold & Diamond Floral Sculpted Pocketwatch, 18k


Victorian Turquoise Horseshoe Bangle, 14k