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Victorian & Art Nouveau Jewelry

Victorian & Art Nouveau Jewelry

Bloodstone Double Cameo Rose Gold Ring, 10k


Victorian Entwined Hearts Bangle with Pearls, 14k


Victorian Floral Pearl Cluster Bangle, 14k


Victorian Nanny Earrings, 18k


Victorian Black Onyx Intaglio Ring, 10k


Victorian Madeira Citrine Enamel & Pearl Ring, 14k


Antique Shield Bloodstone Masonic Mens Ring, 10k


Antique Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring, 18k


Victorian Bangle with Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond & Pearls, 12k


Victorian Blackamoor Cameo Ring, 18k


Victorian Amethyst & Enamel Ring, 14k


Rose Cut Diamond Trillium Flower Earrings, 14k


Victorian Hand Painted Enamel Earrings, 14k


Antique Watch Key with Citrine, 14k


Antique Watch Key with Swivel, 14k


Antique Gold Scroll Charm, 14k


Victorian Gold Slide Chain with Pendant, 14k


Victorian Slide Chain with Pearl Pendant, 14k


Antique Coin New Year's Day Charm, 14k


Antique Flower Bouquet Charm with Diamonds & Pearl, 18k


Antique Sapphire Heart Charm, 14k


Antique Birdcage Charm, 14k


Antique Torpedo Cigar Cutter Charm with Ruby, Diamond & Sapphire


Antique Longines Diamond Star Pocketwatch, 18k

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