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Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry

Art Deco Diamond Paneltop Ring, 18k


Victorian Old Mine Cut Diamond Navette Ring, 14k


Multi-Strand Pearl Bracelet with Sapphire Cluster Clasp, 14k


Art Deco Diamond Dinner Ring, Platinum


Victorian Entwined Hearts Bangle with Pearls, 14k


Aquamarine & Diamond Drop Pendant, 14k


Gold Cigarette Holder, 14k


Edwardian Diamond Pendant, Platinum & 18k


Edwardian Sapphire & Diamond Pendant, Platinum


Art Deco Diamond & Aquamarine Pendant with Platinum Diamond Chain


Victorian Repousse Bracelet with Turquoise and Rubies, 18k


Retro Diamond Spray Earclips, Platinum


Retro Chalcedony, Tanzanite and Diamond Bracelet


Diamonds and Stars Convertible Necklace to Bracelets, 18k


Victorian Diamond Cluster Bracelet, 14k


Retro Ribbon Diamond Earrings, 18k & Platinum


Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Ring, 14k


Tanzanite and Diamond Cocktail Ring, Platinum

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