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Pins & Brooches

Pins & Brooches

Art Deco Rock Crystal & Amethyst Jabot Pin, 14k


Antique Ruby & Pearl Crown Pin, 14k


Antique Cupid's Arrows Pin, Platinum & 14k


Vintage Sword Lapelle Pin, 14k


Art Deco Diamond Brooch, Platinum


Vintage Enamel & Turquoise Sea Coral Pin, 14k


Vintage Seashell & Coral Pin by MAZ, 14k


Retro Citrine, Ruby & Diamond Spray Pin, 14k


Victorian Hand Painted Bar Pin, 14k


Vintage Flower Pin with Pearls & Enamel, 14k


Vintage Flower Pin with Diamonds, 18k


Vintage Carved Rock Crystal Flower Pin, 14k


Vintage Ruby Flower Pin, 14k


Vintage Citrine & Amethyst Flower Pin, 14k


Vintage Gemstone & Enamel Flower Basket Pin, 14k


Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Flower Pin, 14k


Antique Miniature Portrait of a Girl with Pearls & Diamonds, 14k


Art Deco Filigree Diamond Bow Pin, Platinum


Victorian Garnet Double Spade Pin, 14k


Vintage Amethyst & Citrine Flower Pin, 14k


Victorian Amethyst Pendant/Pin, 14k


Vintage Enamel & Diamond Flower Pin, 18k


Vintage Bunny Rabbit Pin with Enamel by Dan Frere, 14k


Vintage Enamel Duck Pin with Diamond, 14k

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