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Animal Jewelry

Animal Jewelry

Vintage Bird Ring with Diamonds & Ruby, 14k


Horse Cameo Pendant with Diamond Surround, 18k


Antique Green Onyx & Enamel Snake Bracelet, 18k


Antique Butterfly Pin with Diamonds, Pearls, Ruby & Sapphires, Silver & Gold


Antique Swallow & Crescent Charm/Pin with Pearls, 14k


Vintage Lobster Pin with Diamond, 18k


Vintage Snail Pin with Diamonds, 18k


Antique Rose Cut Diamond Bird Pin with Enamel, 18k


Victorian Warthog Cameo Locket Hunter's Fob, 18k


Vintage Green Enamel Ladybug Pin, 18k


Leo Zodiac Gold Charm with Diamond, 18k


Antique Carnelian Intaglio Ring, 18k


Vintage Scottish Terrier Pin with Sapphire, 14k


Vintage Enamel Bee Pin, 18k


Red Enamel Beetle Pin with Ruby, 14k


Vintage Garnet Lizard Pin, 14k


French Eagle Pin with Diamond, 14k & Platinum


Vintage Double Snake Ring with Diamonds, 14k


Gold Aries Charm, 18k


Vintage Figural Horse Ring, 18k


Vintage Amethyst & Ruby Bug Pin, 14k


Vintage Enamel Gone Fishing Pin, 14k


Vintage Enamel Zebra Pin, 18k


Elk Tooth Vintage Ring, 14k


Vintage Enamel Owl Pin, 14k

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