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Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian & Art Deco Jewelry

Edwardian Aquamarine & Diamond Heartshape Pendant, Platinum & 18k


Art Deco Brown Diamond 3-Stone Ring, Platinum


Art Deco Emerald & Diamond Filigree Ring, Platinum


Victorian Enamel Earrings, 18k


French Eagle Pin with Diamond, 14k & Platinum


Art Deco Aquamarine & Diamond Necklace, Platinum


Victorian Horseshoe Bangle with Pearls & Diamonds, 14k


Victorian Cobblestone Turquoise Dome Bangle, Gilt Silver


Victorian Moonstone & Pearl Surround Ring, 10k


Georgian Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring, Silver & 14k


Art Deco French Cut Black Onyx Straightline Bracelet, 18k


Antique Carved Agate Chain Necklace, 14k


Victorian Sculpted Watch Chain with 9kt Key, 14k


Antique Turquoise Bug Pin, 14k


Antique Opal Butterfly Pendant with Ruby, Sapphire & Pearl, 18k


Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Bird Pin with Ruby Eye, 18k


Victorian Diamond Star Charm, 18k


Antique Emerald Sleeper Hook Earrings, Silver


Old European Cut Diamond Drop Earrings, 14k


Antique Gold Intaglio Ring, 14k


Antique Diamond Bangle, 14k


Art Deco Rock Crystal & Amethyst Jabot Pin, 14k


Victorian Black Star Sapphire Earrings, 14k


Antique Ruby & Pearl Crown Pin, 14k

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