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Enamel Jewelry

Enamel Jewelry

Vintage Enamel & Turquoise Sea Coral Pin, 14k

Out of stock

Retro Red Enamel Buckle Ring, 14k


Vintage Enamel & Diamond Flower Pin, 18k


Vintage Bunny Rabbit Pin with Enamel by Dan Frere, 14k


Vintage Flower Pin with Pearls & Enamel, 14k


Vintage Gemstone & Enamel Flower Basket Pin, 14k


Victorian Moonstone with Turquoise Enamel, Diamonds & Pearl Surround Ring, 14k


Vintage Enamel Parrot Pin with Rubies & Sapphires, 14k


Vintage Enamel Gone Fishing Pin, 14k


Vintage Enamel Geometric Stacking Bands, 18k


Vintage Enamel Drummer with Sombrero Pin, 18k


Vintage Enamel Penguins Pin, 18k


Vintage Enamel Duck Pin with Diamond, 14k


Victorian Memorial Snake Stickpin with Enamel & DIamonds, 18k


Vintage Enamel Zebra Pin, 18k


Vintage Enamel Green Snake Ring, 14k

Out of stock

Vintage Green Snake Enamel Band, 18k


Vintage Amethyst & Purple Enamel Bombe Ring, 14k


Victorian Turquoise Enamel River Pearl Earrings, 14k


Vintage Opal & Enamel Dome Ring, 14k

Out of stock

Vintage Enamel Anchor Charm, 14k


Vintage Maltese Cross Pin with Onyx, Diamonds & Pearl, 18k


Vintage 1960s Convertible Car Charm, 14k


Victorian Mesh Slide Bracelet with Enamel and Pearls

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