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Flower Jewelry

Flower Jewelry

Vintage Tutti Frutti Gemstone Bouquet Charm, 14k


Vintage Flower Pin with Pearls & Enamel, 14k


Vintage Ruby Flower Pin, 14k


Vintage Flower Pin with Diamonds, 18k


Vintage Citrine & Amethyst Flower Pin, 14k


Vintage Carved Rock Crystal Flower Pin, 14k


Victorian Carved Angel Skin Coral Cherub Earrings, 14k


Vintage Enamel & Diamond Flower Pin, 18k


Vintage Sapphire Bead Flower Pin, 14k


Vintage Amethyst & Citrine Flower Pin, 14k


Vintage Gemstone & Enamel Flower Basket Pin, 14k


Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Flower Pin, 14k

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Vintage Ruby & Diamond Flower Ring, 14k


Vintage Pearl & Diamond Flower Earrings, 18k


Vintage Carved Rose Coral Ring, 14k


Vintage En Tremblant Flower Pin with Rubies, Sapphires & Diamonds, 18k


Victorian Flower Pendant with Diamond, Ruby & Sapphire, 14k

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Tiffany & Co Carved Gemstone Flower Bouquet Pin, 18k

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Antique Flower Bouquet Charm with Diamonds & Pearl, 18k


Victorian Lotus Flower Pin with Angel Skin Coral and Diamonds, 14k


Vintage Rose Cut Diamond Flower Cluster Brooch, 18k


Rose Cut Diamond Trillium Flower Earrings, 14k

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Flower Bouquet Bracelet, 14k

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Victorian Bohemian Garnet 'Forget-Me-Not' Bangle Bracelet

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