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French Victorian Floral Locket with Black Onyx, Diamonds & Pearls, 18k


Antique Cameo Fob Locket, 14k


Antique Turquoise Baby Locket, 14k


Antique Two-Tone Locket with Monogram, 10k


Antique Lady Locket with Diamonds, 14k


Antique Hand Painted Enamel Two-Tone Locket, 14k


Victorian Warthog Cameo Locket Hunter's Fob, 18k


Victorian Watchchain with Locket, 15k


Victorian Diamond Starburst Locket, 10k


Antique Diamond & Enamel Locket, 14k


Antique Padlock Locket with Turquoise & Enamel, 14k


Victorian Gold Quartz Horseshoe Locket Charm, 14k


Victorian Locket with Sapphire, 14k


Victorian Black Enamel Locket Pin, 14k


Victorian Locket with Black & Gold Enamel and Pearls, 18k


Victorian Black Onyx Foliate Pearl Locket Pendant


Victorian Bohemian Garnet Locket Pendant/Pin

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