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Sapphire & Diamond Evil Eye Charm, 14k


Victorian Aquamarine & Diamond Drop Pendant, 18k


Art Deco Sunray Crystal Diamond Pendant, 14k


Carved Carnelian Buddha Charm, 18k


Horse Cameo Pendant with Diamond Surround, 18k


Vintage Gem Set Sword Charm, 14k


Vintage Diamond Clover Pin/Pendant, 14k


Antique Sapphire & Diamond Festoon Pendant, 14k


Antique Smokey Quartz Cross Pendant, 14k


Antique Enamel Demi Hunter Pocketwatch, 18k


Antique Tiffany & Co Pocketwatch with Red Enamel & Diamonds, 18k


Antique Diamond Starbust Charm/Pin, 14k


French Victorian Floral Locket with Black Onyx, Diamonds & Pearls, 18k


Antique Cameo Fob Locket, 14k

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Double Horseshoe Locket with Turquoise & Pearls, 18k


Victorian Enamel & Pearl Starburst Charm, 14k


Antique Turquoise Baby Locket, 14k


Antique Two-Tone Locket with Monogram, 10k


Antique Lady Locket with Diamonds, 14k


Antique Hand Painted Enamel Two-Tone Locket, 14k


Large Antique Amethyst Pendant, 18k


Vintage Diamond & Enamel Pin/Pendant, 14k


Art Nouveau Enamel Pansy & Forget Me Not Chatelaine Pin/Charm, 14k


Antique Enamel Pansy & Horseshoe Charm/Pin with Pearls, 14k


Victorian Warthog Cameo Locket Hunter's Fob, 18k


Victorian Old Mine Cut Diamond & Enamel Star Pin/Pendant, 18k


Victorian Watchchain with Locket, 15k


Van Cleef & Arpels Massive Brooch with Coral, Chalcedony, Onyx & Diamonds, 18k


Leo Zodiac Gold Charm with Diamond, 18k


Lapis & Malachite Charm Pendant, 18k


Victorian Diamond Starburst Locket, 10k


Victorian Citrine, Pearl & Diamond Cluster Pendant, 15k