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Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

From Retro to Modern

Retro Aquamarine & Diamond Ring, Platinum


Vintage Rubellite & Diamond Surround Ring, 14k


Two Tone Cuban Link Necklace, 18k


Green Tourmaline & Trillion Diamond Ring, 18k


Brown Diamond Pearshape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, 14k


Wide Diamond Pave Band, 18k


Pink & Blue Sapphire 3 Stone Flush Set Ring, 18k


Rose Gold Nameplate Bracelet, 18k


Chunky Gold Curblink Bracelet, 14k


Vintage Bvlgari Pave Diamond Curblink Necklace, 18k


Vintage Pearshape Diamond Surround Pendant, Platinum


Vintage Carnelian Cameo Ring, 14k


Amethyst & Diamond Ring, 18k


Gold Drop Earrings, 14k


Ruby & Diamond Surround Dome Ring, 18k


Moonstone Bezel Set Ring, 14k


Vintage Tiger's Eye & Diamond Ring, 14k


Oxblood Coral & Diamond Ring, 14k


Starry Sky Blue Enamel Band, 18k


Carved Coral & Diamond Ring, 18k


Vintage Blue Enamel Snake Ring, 18k


Black Onyx Arrow & Diamond Ring, 14k


Vintage Double Snake Ring with Diamonds, 14k


Vintage Tiger's Eye Ring, 14k

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